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Warranty Terms & Conditions
Rongen Display Technology Limited ( hereinafter referred to as “Rongen”) warrants to the original purchaser
that products sold shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for the warranty period applicable
to the purchased product as speci?ed in below informations.
Rongen Display Technology Limited(以下简称“Rongen”)向原购买者保证,所销售的产品在适用于所购买
The warranty period starts from the date marked on the back of the product or the barcode label when
leaving the factory. If there is a quality problem (abnormal problem caused by non-human factors) within 12
months, we provide after-sales warranty.
产品出厂以喷码或者条码标签为出厂日期计算,12 个月内有品质本身非人为因素造成的品质异常问题,提


This warranty is limited to either the repair or replacement (at Rongen sole discretion) of the defective
product during its warranty period.
此保修仅限于有缺陷产品在保修期内的维修或更换(由Rongen 自行决定)。
一、For the defects found within 3 months from the date of shipment of Rongen, and if that product was
properly installed and used, the product can be considered defective on arrival (DOA) , and the Customer
may create a DOA request online for Rongen to provide expedited replacement service.
For defects found after 3 months from the date of shipment of Rongen , the customer must first create a
service request and then send the defective product to Rongen for repair. Rongen website allows customers
to create service requests online.
对于在Rongen 发货之日起3 个月内发现的缺陷,如果该产品已正确安装和使用,则该产品在抵达时可视为
有缺陷(DOA),客户可在线创建DOA 请求以供Rongen 提供加快更换服务。
对于在Rongen 发货之日起3 个月后发现的缺陷,客户必须首先创建服务请求,然后将有缺陷的产品发送给
Rongen 进行维修。Rongen 网站允许客户在线创建服务请求。
二、Customers have to prepay shipping charges, to assume the risk of loss or damage during transit, and to
use the original shipping container or an equivalent when they ship their product to Rongen for repairs.
Customers may either seek assistance from the original dealer, or from Rongen Service Online.
客户需预付运费,承担运输途中丢失或损坏的风险,并在将产品运送到Rongen 进行维修时使用原运输包装
或同等包装。客户可以向原始经销商或Rongen Service Online 寻求帮助。
三、Customers shall be responsible for backing up their product configuration settings and data contained in
internal storage (hard drives, flash drives, etc.) before sending their products for repair. Rongen will not be
responsible for loss of data or configuration settings stored in the product.
设置和数据。Rongen 不对产品中存储的数据丢失或配置设置负责。
四、For repaired or replaced products, the warranty shall be within 3 months from the date of repair or

replacement, or the remaining time based on the original product's warranty period (determined by
whichever is longer).
对于维修或更换的产品,保修期应在维修或更换之日起3 个月内,或基于原始产品保修期的剩余时间(以
五、Unauthorized Returns
Rongen will not accept products that are returned without a valid service request or items that are not
Rongen 's products. Such products will be shipped back at the Customer’s own risk and expense. No refunds
or exchanges will be offered.
Rongen 不接受没有有效服务请求退回的产品或不是Rongen 产品的产品。此类产品将由客户自行承担风险
六、Warranty Exclusions
(一)This Limited Warranty does not cover:
1.Products found to be defective after the warranty period has expired.
2.Products subjected to misuse or abuse, whether by accident or other causes. Such product conditions will
be determined by Rongen at its sole and unfettered discretion.
产品遭到误用或滥用,无论是偶然还是其他原因。此类产品条件将由RONGEN DISPLAY 以其唯一且不受约
3.Products damaged due to a natural disaster, including but not limited to lightning, flooding, earthquake, or
4.Products that have been disassembled and replaced by the customer are not covered by the warranty. No
sales personnel, representative, dealer, distributor or any other person is authorized to make any warranty ,
or to extend the duration of any warranties on behalf of Rongen beyond the time period described above.
均无权代表Rongen 在上述时间段内进行任何保修或延长保修期限。
5.Software products.Loss of data or software.
6.Expendable items, such as a fuse.
7.Products with an altered and/or damaged serial number.
8.LCD panels that have pixel defects that do not qualify for warranty service as defined in the Warranty Policy
for Display Pixel Defects.
具有像素缺陷的LCD 面板不符合显示像素缺陷保修政策中定义的保修服务。
9.Products that have been updated, reworked, or improperly tested by the Customer, or by a third party at
the request of the Customer.
10.Customized and original design manufacturer (ODM) products. The warranty terms for customized and
ODM products should be defined in the contract that governs the project.
定制和原始设计制造商(ODM)产品。定制和ODM 产品的保修条款应在管理项目的合同中定义。
七、Service Terms & Charges
1.Once the Customer agrees to a product inspection, Rongen will inspect the product, send a quote for the
total repair cost, and will wait for the Customer’s approval.
一旦客户同意进行产品检验,RONGEN DISPLAY 将检查产品,发送总维修费用报价,并等待客户的批准。
2.If the Customer does not want Rongen repair service, Rongen will either return the defective product to the
Customer or scrap the product locally, based on the Customer’s decision. If the product is out of warranty,
the Customer will be responsible for the shipping costs.
如果客户不想要Rongen 维修服务,Rongen 将根据客户的决定将有缺陷的产品退回给客户或在本地报废产
3.To obtain a RMA number, or for assistance with other product concerns or issues, please contact our
technical support department.
要获取RMA 编号,或获得其他产品问题或问题的帮助,请联系我们的技术支持部门。
Email: [email protected] or call +86 755 2310 0652



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