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A circular LCD 3.4-Inch IPS Display with Outstanding Clarity and Versatility

A circular LCD 3.4-Inch IPS Display with Outstanding Clarity and Versatility

Shenzhen, 19/Sep/2023  – In the world of display technology, precision and adaptability are paramount. Today, we are delighted to unveil our latest creation, the 3.4-inch IPS display. With impeccable specifications and a commitment to versatility, this display is poised to elevate a wide range of industries and products to new heights.

Key Features:

Size: 3.4-inch
Resolution: An impressive 800*800 dots
Pixel Pitch: An incredibly fine 0.1095(H)*0.1095(V) mm
Display Mode: Crystal-clear IPS technology
Viewing Direction: Optimal from ALL angles
Gray Scale Inversion Direction: Seamlessly adjustable to suit ALL orientations
Luminance: A vivid 350 cd/m2
LCM (W * H * D): Sleek and compact at 96.6099.003.98 mm
Active Area (W * H): A square 87.60*87.60 mm
With/Without TP: Comes with a responsive Capacitive Touch Panel (CTP)
LED Numbers: 4S2P-LED configuration for stunning visuals
Operation Temperature: Thrives in temperatures ranging from -20~+70 ℃
Storage Temperature: Withstands extreme conditions at -30~+80 ℃
Interface: Connects seamlessly through MIPI
LCM Power Supply: Efficiently powered by 3.3V
LED Power Supply: Illuminates with 12.0V
Color Depth: A rich spectrum of 16.7 million colors
LCM Driver IC: Equipped with the cutting-edge ILI9881C
CTP Driver IC: Features the robust HX8526
Now, let's explore the exciting applications where this innovative display can truly shine:

Medical Devices: The high-resolution IPS display, coupled with the responsive touch panel, is ideal for medical equipment like patient monitors, diagnostic devices, and portable medical instruments.

Industrial Automation: In the industrial sector, this display can serve as a powerful interface for control panels, human-machine interfaces (HMIs), and rugged industrial devices, delivering clarity and precision.

Consumer Electronics: From handheld gaming devices to compact digital cameras, this display enhances the visual experience across various consumer products.

Smart Home Control: Elevate the user interface in smart home systems with intuitive touch controls and crystal-clear visuals.

Navigation Devices: GPS navigation systems benefit from the high brightness and clarity, ensuring seamless navigation in all lighting conditions.

Information Kiosks: Whether used in retail environments or public spaces, this display enhances the usability of information kiosks, making them more interactive and engaging.

In summary, the 3.4-inch IPS display represents a significant leap forward in display technology. Its adaptability, fine details, and responsiveness make it a versatile asset for a multitude of industries and product categories. Experience the future of visual excellence with this exceptional display.

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About Rongen Display:
Rongen display is a trailblazer in the world of display technology, dedicated to providing innovative solutions that empower industries and products to thrive in the digital era. With a focus on precision and adaptability, we continue to lead the way in delivering displays that redefine possibilities.



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