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The Correct Steps for Choosing an LCD Screen

With the continuous upgrading of terminal devices in various fields, more and more manufacturers are focusing on product diversity. This implies that upstream and downstream component manufacturers must continue to innovate to keep up with the changing times, and industrial LCD screens are no exception. In recent years, there has been an increasing trend in the customization of LCD screens. Today, we will discuss the correct steps for choosing an LCD screen.

1. Define Your Requirements

Generally, when purchasing an LCD screen, it's crucial to outline your specific requirements and establish a dialogue with LCD panel manufacturers to ensure that the specifications you've laid out can be met. First and foremost, you need to clarify your requirements and discuss the primary parameters of the industrial LCD panel with the manufacturer.

2. Confirm Engineering Drawings

Once your requirements are confirmed, industrial LCD panel manufacturers can proceed to create engineering drawings that serve as the final reference. These engineering drawings are essential for manufacturers to seek confirmation from the customer.

3. Sample Making

With the engineering drawings finalized, the industrial LCD panel manufacturer will supply the required parts for prototype molds to their downstream distributors. The distributor then produces prototype molds, and the quality and delivery schedule are controlled by the LCD panel manufacturer.

4. Prototype Production

Once all the raw materials for the industrial LCD panel are available, the manufacturer carries out material inspections according to the inspection report. This phase allows the production of prototypes. Generally, the lead time for custom industrial LCD panels is around one month, subject to specific conditions.

5. Inspection and Delivery

After the prototype is ready, the manufacturer carries out visual tests, electrical tests, and aging tests. If additional specific tests are needed, they are performed one by one, and corresponding test reports are provided. Once the products are completed, they are packaged and delivered. Customers receive the goods and can conduct their own inspection upon receipt.

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