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Introducing the sleek and powerful 4.3-inch TFT LCD display!

Introducing the sleek and powerful 4.3-inch TFT LCD display!

Size: 4.3 inches - Compact yet vibrant for a mesmerizing viewing experience.
Resolution: 480 x 272 pixels - Crystal-clear visuals with every detail in focus.
Color Depth: Supports 16.7 million colors for lifelike images and videos.
Brightness: A dazzling 500 cd/m², ensuring visibility even in bright surroundings.
Viewing Angle: An expansive 6 o'clock viewing angle for stellar display from any angle.
Temperature Range: Operating from -20°C to +70°C, and storing from -30°C to +80°C, it adapts to various environments.
Interface: With a 40-pin RGB888 interface, it's versatile and easy to connect.
Gray Scale Inversion: Offers the flexibility of gray scale inversion at the 12 o'clock position for diverse image display options.
Power Supply: LCM at 3.3V, LED at 15.0V, ensuring stable performance with consistent power.
Driver IC: Powered by the high-performance HX8257 IC, guaranteeing smooth and reliable image rendering.
Whether you're developing smart devices, embedded systems, or consumer electronics, this 4.3-inch TFT LCD is your top choice. Its outstanding visual performance and robust features elevate your projects. Whether it's outdoor navigation, medical equipment, or industrial control, it excels. Experience high-definition, vivid images, and an unparalleled user experience with this 4.3-inch TFT LCD. #Display #TechInnovation #HDVisuals

These specifications provide a detailed overview of the display panel's characteristics and how it can be used in various applications.
1. Size: 4.3 inch, The display panel has a size of 4.3 inches diagonally.
2. Resolution: 480*272 dots, This means it can display images and content at this resolution.
3. Pixel pitch: 0.198(H)x0.198(V)mm, The pixel pitch is the distance between two adjacent pixels. In this case, it's 0.198 millimeters horizontally and vertically.
4. Display Mode: TN/NW, indicating that it uses a Twisted Nematic (TN) technology with a normally white mode.
5. Viewing Direction: 6 o'clock, which means it's best viewed when you are looking at it straight on from the bottom.
6. Gray Scale Inversion Direction: 12 o'clock, which may affect how the display handles grayscale and inversion.
7. Luminance: 500 cd/m2 (candelas per square meter).
8. LCM (W * H * D): 105.50*67.20*3.00mm. This is the size of the display module, which measures 105.50 mm in width, 67.20 mm in height, and 3.00 mm in depth.
9. Active Area (W * H): 95.04*53.86mm. The active area of the display, where actual content is displayed, measures 95.04 mm in width and 53.86 mm in height.
10. With /Without TP: Without TP It does not have a Touch Panel (TP), so it's a non-touchscreen display.
11. LED Numbers: 5S2P-LED pcs, which suggests that it has multiple LEDs arranged in a 5-series, 2-parallel configuration.
12. Operation temperature: -20~+70℃. The recommended operating temperature range for this display is from -20°C to +70°C.
13. Storage temperature: -30~+80 ℃. The recommended storage temperature range is from -30°C to +80°C.
14. Interface: RGB888/40PIN, which suggests it can accept input in RGB format through a 40-pin connector.
15. LCM Power Supply: 3.3V The display operates with a 3.3V power supply.
16. LED  Power Supply: 15.0V The LED backlighting system operates with a 15.0V power supply.
17. Color Depth: 16.7M The display supports a color depth of 16.7 million colors, which is typical for a full-color display.
18. LCM Driver IC: HX8257 The display is driven by an IC (Integrated Circuit) called HX8257, which is responsible for controlling the display and rendering images on it.



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