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A Versatile 7-Inch TFT-LCD Panel with Customization at its Core

Introducing the RGH070D-630A: A Versatile 7-Inch TFT-LCD Panel with Customization at its Core

Shenzhen-18/Sep/2023 – In the ever-evolving world of display technology, flexibility and adaptability are paramount. We are thrilled to present the RGH070D-630A, a remarkable 7-inch TFT-LCD panel, designed in tandem with the RG070SWH-03 LCD panel and PCB board(LCD controller board). This dynamic module stands out for its ability to support both PAL and NTSC systems, automatically converting between them. Targeting a wide array of applications, this TFT-LCD panel has been tailor-made for video door phones, smart homes, GPS units, camcorders, digital cameras, industrial equipment, and various electronic products demanding top-notch flat panel displays and outstanding visual performance. It's worth noting that this module fully adheres to the RoHS directive.

Here are some compelling advantages that set the RGH070D-630A apart:

  1. Customizable Brightness: Our TFT-LCD panel offers customizable brightness, with the potential to achieve up to an astonishing 1000 nits. This ensures optimal visibility in various lighting conditions, from bright outdoor environments to low-light indoor settings.

  2. Flexible Interfaces: We understand that different projects require different interface options. That's why we offer customizations for interfaces, including TTL RGB, MIPI, LVDS, and eDP, to suit your specific needs seamlessly.

  3. Tailored Viewing Angles: One size doesn't fit all when it comes to viewing angles. Our TFT-LCD panel can be customized to provide full-angle or partial view angle options, ensuring that your display delivers the best user experience for your application.

  4. Touch Panel Options: To meet diverse touch input requirements, we offer custom resistive touch and capacitive touch panel solutions that integrate seamlessly with our LCD display.

  5. Versatile Controller Board: Our LCD display can be paired with a controller board featuring HDMI and VGA interfaces, adding flexibility to your design and facilitating easy integration with various systems.

  6. Custom Shapes: We go beyond the standard rectangular display. Square, round, or any other unique shapes you envision can be custom-made to suit your project's aesthetic and functional requirements.

With these distinctive features and customization options, the RGH070D-630A opens up a world of possibilities across a multitude of industries and product categories:

  1. Video Door Phones: Ensure crisp and clear visuals for video door phone systems, enhancing security and convenience at home and in commercial settings.

  2. Smart Homes: Elevate the user experience in smart homes with intuitive and visually appealing interfaces for controlling lighting, security, and more.

  3. GPS Navigation: Enhance navigation devices with high-brightness displays for easy readability in all lighting conditions.

  4. Camcorders and Cameras: Improve the viewfinder experience and image previews in camcorders and digital cameras.

  5. Industrial Equipment: Reliable and customizable displays for control panels and monitoring systems in industrial applications.

  6. Electronics: Versatile solutions for various electronic products, from portable devices to information kiosks.

In conclusion, the RGH070D-630A stands as a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of display technology. Its adaptability, customization options, and diverse applications make it a powerful asset for turning your vision into reality, all while ensuring exceptional visual performance.

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About Rongen Display: Rongen Display is a trailblazer in display technology, dedicated to providing innovative solutions that empower industries and products to thrive in the digital era. With a focus on flexibility and customization, we continue to lead the way in delivering displays tailored to your unique needs and visions.



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