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Title: New 21.5-Inch IPS LCD Display: Perfect Specifications to Satisfy Customers

Title: New 21.5-Inch IPS LCD Display: Perfect Specifications to Satisfy Customers

In today's tech-driven era, LCD displays have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Whether in the office for work or at home for entertainment,

people's expectations for displays are higher than ever. In this context, we proudly introduce the new 21.5-inch IPS LCD display with specifications and performance that perfectly meet customer needs, delivering an exceptional visual experience.

Wider Viewing Angles with IPS Technology

First and foremost, our 21.5-inch LCD display utilizes IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology, which means it can provide wider viewing angles,

ensuring clear and vibrant images from any angle you view it. This feature is crucial for applications such as office meetings, home television,

and entertainment, ensuring that everyone enjoys the best possible visual experience.

Vivid Colors and No More Gray Scale Inversion Worries

Our LCD display supports up to 16.7 million colors, allowing it to render vivid, true-to-life images, whether you're watching HD movies or editing photos. Moreover,

gray scale inversion direction is no longer an issue, as our display supports all-direction gray scale inversion, ensuring image stability.

Stability in Extreme Environments

Different applications require displays to operate in varying temperatures. Our 21.5-inch LCD display has an operating temperature range of -0 to +50 degrees Celsius,

 and during storage, it can withstand temperatures ranging from -20 to 60 degrees Celsius. This means that whether it's the cold of winter or the heat of summer,

our display maintains stable performance, unaffected by external temperatures.

Compact and Efficient Design

Our 21.5-inch LCD display features a compact design with dimensions of 495.6 x 292.2 x 7.85 millimeters, and an active area of 476.64 x 268.11 millimeters.

This makes it suitable for various applications, whether in limited office space or as an embedded display. Furthermore, with a resolution of up to 1920x1080 pixels,

it ensures image clarity and detail.

Robust Interface and Power

Our LCD display uses a 30-pin LVDS interface, providing users with more connectivity options. Simultaneously, its power supply voltage is 3.3V,

delivering excellent performance at low power consumption. With 128 white LED backlight sources,

 it ensures bright and uniform backlighting, making images more vivid.


In this age of information overload, displays have become an integral part of our lives. We proudly introduce the new 21.5-inch IPS LCD display,

whose specifications and performance perfectly meet customer needs. Whether it's in terms of viewing angles, colors, stability, design,

or interfaces, our display is a top-notch choice, providing users with an exceptional visual experience. Whether you're using it for work or enjoying entertainment,

our LCD display caters to your needs and becomes your ideal companion.



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