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Revolutionizing Visual Experiences: Introducing the 7.0-Inch Display with Touchscreen Capabilities

Revolutionizing Visual Experiences: Introducing the 7.0-Inch Display with Touchscreen Capabilities

Shenzhen, 15/Sep/2023 – In the dynamic realm of display technology, innovation continues to take center stage. We are excited to unveil our latest breakthrough – a cutting-edge 7.0-inch display that integrates touchscreen capabilities seamlessly. With a host of impressive specifications, this display promises to usher in a new era of visual excellence across a diverse range of industries and products.

Key Features:

Size: 7.0-inch
Resolution: A sharp 800*480 dots
Pixel Pitch: 0.1926(H)*0.1790(V) mm
Display Mode: Offering flexibility with TN/NW
Viewing Direction: Optimized at 12 o'clock
Grayscale Direction: Perfectly balanced at 6 o'clock
Luminance: A luminous 420cd/m2
LCM(WHD): Compact and efficient at 165.00100.007.43mm
Active Area(WH): 154.0885.92 mm
With/Without TP: Comes with a responsive Capacitive Touch Panel (CTP)
LED Numbers: A powerful 3S9P-LED configuration
Operation Temp.: Thrives in temperatures ranging from -20~+70 ℃
Storage Temp.: Withstands extreme conditions at -30~+80℃
Interface: Seamlessly connects via a 24bit RGB/50PIN interface
LCM Power Supply: Efficiently powered by 3.3v
LED Power Supply: Illuminates with 9.0v
Color Depth: A rich spectrum of 16.7 million colors
LCM Driver IC: Equipped with HX8664+HX8264
CTP Driver IC: Features FT5426 for precise touch control
Now, let's delve into the exciting domains where this innovative display is set to make a significant impact:

Automotive Infotainment: With its large size and vibrant colors, this display is the ideal choice for in-car infotainment systems, offering drivers and passengers an immersive and interactive experience.

Industrial Automation: In the world of industrial control panels and automation systems, the touchscreen functionality makes this display perfect for enhancing user interaction and control.

Smart Home Control: Incorporating this display into smart home hubs and control panels will provide homeowners with intuitive and visually appealing interfaces to manage their connected devices.

Medical Equipment: From diagnostic devices to patient monitoring systems, the high-resolution display and touch capabilities improve user interaction and data visualization in the medical field.

Retail Kiosks: Self-service kiosks in retail environments can benefit from the display's durability and touch capabilities, offering customers a seamless shopping experience.

Gaming Consoles: Gaming enthusiasts will appreciate the vivid visuals and touch responsiveness for handheld gaming devices, adding a new dimension to gaming on-the-go.

Education Technology: Educational tablets and interactive whiteboards can leverage this display to create engaging and interactive learning experiences for students of all ages.

In conclusion, our 7.0-inch display with integrated touch technology represents a significant leap in visual innovation. Its versatility and adaptability make it a game-changer across a wide spectrum of industries and products, ensuring that users experience a new level of interaction and engagement.

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About Rongen Display:
Rongen Display is at the forefront of display technology, committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation. We take pride in delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower industries and products to excel in the digital age, enhancing the way we live, work, and play.



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